What We Do

We’re a hands-on campaign management shop with experience winning statewide, congressional, judicial, state legislative and municipal campaigns -as well as ballot measures and independent expenditures.

Campaign Management for Candidates and Ballot Measures

Existing Candidates

For candidates and organizations that have announced or otherwise established themselves, we provide hands-on veteran campaign leadership. You likely already have a talented roster of campaign professionals who offer excellent strategic advice. While we’ll be a member of your strategic team, what we do is granularly involve ourselves in all aspects of your race, including:

  • Work directly with on-the-ground campaign managers

  • Oversee budgets, research and paid communications plans

  • Ensure that everything on the campaign - big and small - is working as it should

Our services are flexibly priced, allowing you to craft a scope and term that best fit your needs.

New Candidates

Over the course of our careers, we’ve seen too many promising candidates have their campaigns derailed by early mistakes. For this reason, we focus in particular on the launch phase of campaigns. An enormous number of high-leverage decisions are made in the weeks immediately preceding and following the launch of a campaign. We’ve launched campaigns from mayor to U.S. senate. We handle all aspects of the launch, including:

  • Assembling a top-notch strategic consulting team

  • Preparing the candidate for media interviews

  • Crafting initial budgets and hiring plans

  • Overseeing launch videos

We’ll manage everything that you need to get out of the starting gate.

Effective Independent Expenditures

Outperform Strategies runs Save America Fund, a Democratic Super PAC. In 2022, we were proud to have raised and spent more than eight million dollars to support Tim Ryan’s bid for U.S. Senate in Ohio, forcing Republicans to spend millions in Ohio that could have been spent in other hotly contested states.

Debate and Media Prep

In addition to full-service campaign management, Outperform Strategies handles interview and debate prep programs for Democratic candidates and progressive organizations. Nicole Kayner leads these efforts, having run such programs for Andy Beshear, Gina Raimondo, Morgan McGarvey, just to name a few. We will craft a tailored program that is authentic to who you are and help you be comfortable communicating your values to any audience.

We've won statewide, congressional, judicial, state legislative and municipal campaigns - as well as ballot measures and independent expenditures. Learn more: