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 Eric Hyers 

 Eric Hyers  has known since high school that he wanted to run campaigns for Democrats. He began his career as a field organizer for now-Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's successful campaign for Congress in 2006. He has more than a decade of experience electing Democrats to statewide and federal office in tough states. He managed winning gubernatorial races for Andy Beshear (KY, 2019), Steve Bullock (MT, 2016), and Gina Raimondo (RI, 2014), as well as congressional campaigns for David Cicilline (RI-01, 2012 and 2010). Most recently, Eric served as the Michigan State Director for the Biden for President campaign.

 Nicole Kayner 

 Nicole Kayner  is a veteran communication and messaging professional who has handled debate and interview prep programs and speechwriting for several statewide and federal candidates. She served as communications director for Gina Raimondo’s successful campaign to become Rhode Island’s first woman governor. Recently, she was the senior communications advisor for Andy Beshear’s winning campaign for governor, a role in which she oversaw interview and debate prep programs for Andy Beshear and Jacqueline Coleman (Kentucky’s current lieutenant governor).

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